• Select an Ad Spot from available auctions

  • Create a new Campaign for that Ad Spot

  • Make a placeholder bid and save

  • Add a banner to the Campaign

  • Deposit funds to activate Campaign

  • An uploaded banner will be approved by the AdBucks team within 2 business days.

  • On approval, the banner will be activated automatically.

  • Your banners will be hosted on our Content Delivery Network for best results

  • The AdBucks algorithm will distribute the impressions to your banners

  • AdBucks will track impressions and clicks on your banner

  • You may upload multiple banners for each ad spot

  • To direct more traffic to your banners, increase the bid amount

How do I bid on a Zone?

Please follow the following steps to bid:

  • Sign in to your AdBucks account.

  • Select or create a Campaign.

  • Place your bid on the zone with a CPM and a daily spend budget.

  • Submit a banner request by uploading a banner for the ad spot.

  • Make a deposit.

How can I change my bid on a Campaign?

  • Go to "my campaigns".

  • Select the Campaign you would like to edit.

  • Click on "edit" button.

  • Change your bid amount.

  • Click the "Save" button.

What is a Zone?

An ad spot is also known as a zone. Zones are listed in the "My Dashboard" section.

What is CPM?

CPM represents cost per thousand ad impressions.

What is recommended CPM and how is it calculated?

Recommended CPM is the amount that will guarantee impressions to your Campaign. It is calculated by comparing the current bids on the spot.

I created a campaign, now what?

After you have created your campaign, you may upload a banner to the campaign for approval.

Why was my banner disapproved?

While we try to approve most of the banners, some might be disapproved in case the content is deemed inappropriate by us.

My banner was approved, I still don't see it running. Why so?

This might happen when if you have your bid amount or daily spend set to $0.00 or you simply do not have enough funds in your account.

How long does it take for my balance to update after I have made a deposit?

Once you have sent payment using instructions on "my balance" page, we will credit your account within two business days of receipt of payment.

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